Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why is it that a girl can't seem get any help from a man she doesn't even know without him hitting on her?

I had a flat tire today (while on my way to pick up my mom from work, I might add...) - now, I'm perfectly able to change a flat tire, but:

1. I was wearing a white skirt.
2. I don't think I should have to change a tire by myself if there's someone around to help.
3. I was wearing a white skirt.
4. I was in a hurry.
5. It was a *brand new* white skirt.

Anyway. I asked for help.
He did the whole thing one handed, while talking on the phone... pretty impressive, I'm sure I would have looked much more strained.
After he finished, he got off the phone...I, of course, thanked him strongly. He asked my name. I figured "Well, OK, it's a fair question.", so I told him. However, then the conversation went like this...

RS=Random Stranger

RS: So, what are you doing now?
Me: Oh, I'm picking my mom up from work...
RS: What about after that?
Me: Umm. I don't know. Maybe going to church.

Maybe it's not the best thing, but when conversations with random men turn in "THAT" direction, I always try to bring up church so they hopefully know I'm not "THAT" kind of girl, and they get an idea of what kind of girl I am. I was infact considering going to church tonight.

RS: Oh, what church?
Me: *enter name of said big local church*
RS: Oh, where is that at?

The conversation went on for a few minutes - I couldn't be rude right? I mean, this guy had just gotten grease all over his hands from helping me out...

However, when he found out that I'm only 17, and then proceeded to try to give me his phone number, I was a little bit freaked out.

Sigh... and I still got grease on my white skirt.